Sven Freitag


Studies of Computer Systems in Engineering (Ingenieurinformatik) at Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg

Mentor of "Jugend forscht" team at Schullandheim/Freizeitoase Gardelegen

Deputy chairperson of DARC chapter W03 Gardelegen


Aged 10 years, in 2005, I learned programming in BASIC with George Wichmann, 2 years later in Pascal/Delphi (Win32, later GNU/Linux) with Konrad Hammer, Java and PHP. Furthermore I use C/C++/Qt, gnuplot and LaTeX.


Ham Radio

Since 2013 I am licensed Ham with Callsign DL3SVN.
You can read more information at my DARC website and my logbook.

Number stations

Information about number stations are available at (with schedule) and Shortwave Espionage by Simon Mason.
Since 2009 I listen to them, you can find articles and recordings in the Schrott directory.




info [rollmops], lazy people can use the mail form (TLS encrypted).

Use this GPG key with fingerprint: E88C C253 7BD3 3400 0C1B 2B63 557C AAAC 4073 8FAA

Please do not send me attachments like *.doc or *.xls or other bullshit. I do not use any office or Microshit software. Convert it to .pdf please.


JID is sven [rollmops]
Please use XMPP instead of SMS, my mobile phone is running a XMPP client.

Fingerprints are


##senf @ freenode. You can also use the freenode webchat.


Schrott Schrott, lunatic autoindex directory