Kenwood TS-570D fldigi Rig Control

Software: fldigi, MX Linux 2018-12-20
Computer: Thinkpad x61 w/ docking (for RS232 port)
TRX: Kenwood TS-570D (Menu 35: 96-1, means 9k6bd + 1 stop bit)
Connection: RS232

[Screenshot] description file: TS-570.xml, Device: /dev/ttyS0, Retries: 5, Retry int: 50, Baud: 9600, Write delay: 0, Init delay: 0, Stopbits: 1, CAT cmd for PTT checked, RTS/CTS checked, Restore settings checked

Download RigCAT XML file. You have to modify the PORT-DEVICE name (l. 74) if you are not using /dev/ttyS0.